Meet the Brains and Hands Behind The OT Shop

Dr. Sakshi Tickoo is a 23 something, cisgender queer who loves to work and advocate for all things OT, Sexuality, Intimacy, Mental Health, Cute, Funny and Quirky!

She's also a new grad OT practitioner and *accidental* solo-preneur who owns and runs Sex, Love, And OT and The OT Shop. She works in school-based, home healthcare, and tele-health settings serving a diverse population of ages 3 to 65. She's the youngest OT from India pioneering towards integrating Sexuality, Intimacy, and Mental Health for all age groups in Occupational Therapy.



About Sex, Love, and OT

SLO is a sex-positive space for everyone to embrace their whole being and be respectful of everyone else's choice(s). It is to build a better ecosystem, a healthier community, and be ready to voice and protect what matters to us, what we love. She provides educational services for healthcare professionals and students who wish to expand their knowledge in this area. Meanwhile, this space is also a part of her private practice where she welcomes clients who wish to educate themselves, and want to seek resources for having a pleasurable, fulfilling life.

You can follow her work here-



 About The OT Shop

She launched The OT Shop on 22nd August 2020, amidst the COVID chaos with the promise of delivering worldwide. All products are custom made and printed on demand to reduce clothing & plastic waste. It's not the best environment-friendly option out there, but we're trying to do our bit in keeping it to a minimum in every way we can.

Her intention behind this business was to create an opportunity for Occupational Therapists to occupy spaces- boldly and proudly. Occupational Therapy is used interchangeably with other therapy professions and most often misunderstood. It's getting up to speed inmost countries, but we still lack diversity and representation in ALL areas and settings.

OT is for every person of any age, who finds it difficult to engage in occupations and activities that are purposeful and meaningful to them. These occupations can range from self-care, caring for your loved ones to community & social integration.

Taking this very concept of inclusivity and diversity applied to this space to highlight and feature OTs and their work around the world.

It's time to unite the #OTtribe!!