Namaste, I'm Dr. Sakshi Tickoo (she/hers), a Mumbai-based Occupational Therapist, Certified Personal Counselor, Student Mentor, and the founder of Sex, Love, And OT and The OT Shop!

The OT Shop is India's 1st official Occupational Therapy merchandise store, which delivers and connects with the OT community globally. 

The OT Shop represents a globally diverse, and inclusive community of Occupational Therapists that deserve equal, and rightful attention and representation as medical and health care professionals by owning and wearing what they believe in.

The OT Shop came into existence of pure frustration and partly passion. When I started planning and designing apparel for Sex, Love, And OT, I realized how difficult it is to bring the same in India. There are several medical apparel brands in India, however none of them include or talk about Occupational Therapy. To fill these gaps in awareness, advocacy, and OT awesomeness I created this one-stop, gender-free destination for wearing, owning, embracing, and promoting our wonderful occupation.

I want to put the F not just in Function, but also in Fashion through quirky, nerdy, and *kinda* cool OT illustrations!   

I hope you find a print that speaks to you and let the conversations begin from there!!