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Welcome to India's First Occupational Therapy Merchandise Store!

About Us

What's New?

27th October is World OT Day and we want to celebrate this day by celebrating you and the dynamic settings you work in.

Psst.. If we have missed anything, hit us up and we promise to add something in store for you!

World OT Day

We did something exceptional for our tribe this World OT Day. We have a brand new #OTtribe Collection highlighting the diversity in OT practice and work settings. Are you ready to flaunt yours?


#OTtribe Feature Board

Roashni Rathod, Final Year OT Student, Mumbai

Getting into this course and profession, I had no idea about the scope of the field. Like every other ‘Newbie’, as I like to call it, I thought OT was mainly related to paediatrics and developmental disabilities.

4 years and a lot of learning later, I am amazed by the potential of this profession. I found new love in Adult Neuro Rehabilitation and Mental Health. I connected with OTs around the world. I can now define my role in rehabilitation and I have so much respect for my fellow professionals’ roles too (PT, ST, physicians, Orthotists).

As soon "to be" practicing professional (hopefully), I am both excited by the possibilities and scared by limited opportunities being faced by my peers. Either way, this marks a milestone and the beginning of something new!

PS: Apart from being cool and sassy, Roashni also runs a blog highlighting and sensitizing people on various healthcare concerns. Check out one of her resourceful pieces here: I WEAR MY SCARS WITH CONFIDENCE 

" This stuff is really cool and unique in the ways we are trying to represent this niche profession. "

Samantha, OT Student

" I ordered two t-shirts and they fit true to size, and the material is light. The print quality is good too. "

Aastha, OTA

" I'm in love with these note books!! It's sleek, easy to carry, and my OT notes are going to live here forever. "

Pre-OT Shadowing Student

Coming Soon

Stickers and bookmarks for the #OTtribe are arriving soon! Join our mailing list to receive the hot updates and notifications first.